What if you could have foods that were better than good for you, tasted beyond delicious and most importantly were affordable?

We founded our company with that vision, all of us at Sproutalicious are passionate and understand that nourishing plant based food is good for our bodies and essential for a healthy global environment. Our inspiration and commitment is to create the most nutrient rich food possible, every ingredient we select is chosen for its functional quality and nutrient profile. We believe deeply that our global health is an inside job and it starts with every individual.

Why sprouted spelt grain ?

Simply put – sprouted spelt grains are better for you and higher quality real food.

The natural process of sprouting changes the grain to a plant, during this process vital enzymes breakdown complex carbs, gluten and phytic acid (a nutrient blocker). Sprouting grain unlocks nutrients making them bio-available and easy for our bodies to absorb. Sprouted grain also contains more protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and fewer complex carbs. Our Sproutalicious products are easy to digest deliver a power pack of energy and help maintain a healthy blood sugar metabolism.

Diabetic Friendly

Lower glycemic response

Gluten Safe

Sprouting grains reduces gluten and helps digestion

Energizing Quality Calories

Slow release (no crash carbs) for sustained energy

High Protein, Dietary Fiber and Iron

No Added Egg, Dairy or Nuts

Omega 3 Alpha Linoleic Acid

Non Gmo Ingredients


Our cookies are available in 3 thoughtful sizes
46g – 64g – 84g


Organic sprouted ancient spelt grain and oats

Clean bio-available plant based nutrition

Organic unrefined coconut nectar and dates

Slow release carbs to support healthy blood sugar metabolism and diabetic friendly

Coconut oil for to boost energy and metabolism

Chia and Flax with Omega 3 Alpha Linoleic Acid

High in protein, dietary fiber and iron


No high fructose corn sugar

No refined sugars

No cholestrol or trans fats

No fast release carbs that cause energy crashes

No added egg, dairy or animal products

No artificial ingredients